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Chester Knee Clinic News 2014

CKC Clinical and Research News

Updated on 20 June 2014

Visiting Professorship at the University of Chester

Mr Vladimir Bobic has been appointed the Visiting Professor of Orthopaedic Sciences and Medical Practice at the University of Chester for a period of five years. "I am honoured and delighted to receive the formal notice of appointment as the Visiting Professor. Being invited and appointed as a visiting scholar is regarded as a significant accolade and recognition of scholar's prominence in the filed. My warmest thanks to the University of Chester."

ConforMIS Personalised Knee Implants

We are pleased to announce that we will start using ConforMIS iTotal and iUni patient specific knee implants from September this year. Mr Vladimir Bobic introduced this new technology to the Grosvenor Hospital Chester in 2013. After almost two years of preparations (regulatory and clinical negotiations with healthcare insurers and Nuffield Health, imaging and theatre staff training, etc.) we are ready to go! We will also start with ConforMIS iUni registry clinical study, aiming to collect clinical and outcome data for each patient.

ConforMIS team has developed the only personalized knee resurfacing implants available today, designed to conform precisely to individual patient's unique anatomy.  Using a proprietary technology called iFit (the "i" stands for individualized), ConforMIS creates implants which are made specifically for each patient.  Personalized implants offer unique advantages versus traditional knee replacement options: superior fit matched to individual size and shape, natural, anatomic feel and alignment, significant bone preservation, less traumatic procedure and potentially faster recovery. For many patients, especially those who suffer from earlier stages of osteoarthritis, ConforMIS offers a range of implants that may provide a less invasive and less traumatic option than traditional knee replacement. 



ConforMIS iTotal and iUni Personalised Knee Implants

The iFit image-to-implant process uses CT imaging data to create personalized devices designed to achieve precise fit, preserve bone and cartilage, and minimize surgical trauma. This process begins when the patient receives a diagnostic CT scan. After the scan, the centre sends the data to ConforMIS via CD or secure internet file transfer. Using iFit technology, ConforMIS generates a 3D model of the patient's knee and then map the anatomy of the patient's joint. This technology creates an implant that is precisely matched to the patient's surface contours and anatomy.

BioPoly™ RS Partial Resurfacing Knee Implant Clinical Trial


BioPoly™ is a next generation microcomposite orthopaedic biomaterial, combining Hyaluronic Acid (Bio) and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (Poly). BioPoly Partal Resurfacing Implant is indicated for patients who present with a painful articular cartilage lesion of the femoral condyle and who is not a candidate for biological treatment (articular cartilage repair) or total joint replacement

We continue to recruit patients for this clinical trial based in Chester (please see a list of Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria). The first BioPoly implantation was done early in January 2012 by Mr Dinesh Nathwani at the London Clinic (for more information please see the article from The Telegraph and the article from Mail Online). The first large BioPoly (the "racetrack", picture above) was implanted in April 2012 by Mr Mike McNicholas, at the Warrington Hospital. So far we have implanted 22 BioPoly implants, with good short term functional results.

Please be aware that we can not enter any potential candidates into the BioPoly clinical trial before they have been seen and examined in person at one of the sites by one of the investigators listed below. Email and telephone communications, however specific or detailed, are not sufficient for the assessment of suitability for this clinical trial.

Although the manufacturer of BioPoly implants will provide all implants free of charge for the duration of the clinical trial, your medical insurer or you will be responsible for all other costs (clinic appointments, imaging such as X-ray or MRI, the costs of the surgical procedure and hospital charges as well as perioperative physiotherapy). This does not apply if you enter the BioPoly clinical trial as an NHS patient (this option is available at Aintree Hospital Liverpool, the Imperial College London and RNOH Stanmore).

Participating Centres (in alphabetical order):

Further Information:

CKC Conference News

Updated on 7 June 2014

BioPoly RS Knee Registry Study Investigator Meeting

Ampersand Hotel, London, UK, 21 March 2014. Agenda

UK Cartilage Consensus Meeting

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK, 23 March 2014. Agenda

Nuffield Health GP Symposium

Chester Race Course, Chester UK, 29 March 2014. Programme. CKC Presentation: Cycling Knee Injuries

ConforMIS 21st Century Knee Meeting

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Docklands, London, UK, 5 June 2014

Recent CKC Orthopaedic and Sport Injury News

Updated on 30 May 2014

Pinterest Arthroscopic and MR Image Boards

We are pleased to announce that we started posting a selection of original arthroscopic and MR images from our daily clinical and surgical practice on Pinterest and Twitter. All images are anonymous and are intended to provide good quality visual information on typical knee problems but also normal knee anatomy, for educational purposes. We will aim to Tweet a few selected images each week but all images will be available on Pinterest Arthroscopy and MRI boards. We may post some images on Instagram but we will see how things go with Pinterest. Please let us know your thoughts (

Please follow @ChesterKnee on Twitter for most recent articles, news and images


Other CKC News

Updated on 23 April 2014

Skiing 2014: Morzine and Morillon, France, Alpbach, Mayrhofen, Hintertux Glacier, Hochfuegen, Montafon and Kaunertal Glacier, Austria

We had a great skiing season so far. We skied in Morzine and Morillon towards the end of January, Alpbach, Mayrhofen (Horberg), Hintertux glacier, Eggalm and Hochfuegen early in March and Montafon and Kaunertal glacier in April. The snow was generally good but the best snow, as always, was at higher altitudes, above the clouds. As the weather got warmer early in April and the freezing point went all the way up to 3000m we went back to Kaunertal glacier and skied mainly at 2700 to 3100m altitude. We had a few sunny days with perfect snow and a few days with poor visibility and fairly heavy snowfall but we were rewarded with fresh powder and large unskied off-piste areas, almost to ourselves.


Hintertux Glacier Austria - flying too low!



Hintertux Glacier - above the claud


Hintertux Glacier Austria - off piste route


Kaunertal Glacier Austria


View from Kaunartal Glacier towards Italy


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