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Golf Knee Problems and Injuries


Golf is not often associated with major knee problems and injuries but we see a fair share of people in our clinics who are struggling to play golf at their usual levels or to play better golf because their knees are playing up. Until Tiger Woods developed a problem with his knee not much attention was given to golf related knee problems and injuries. However, golf is hard on the knees, especially ones that have had injury or arthritis... Under construction, more to follow soon.

Knee Problems and Injuries

There are various causes of knee problems related to golf. Many of these problems are related to the amount of rotation throughout the body that is required during the backswing and follow-through. For a right-handed golfer, a significant amount of torque and valgus stress (stress to the inside of the knee) is generated at the left knee. The knees must stay flexed during the backswing to absorb some of the rotational stress of the swing. For the many golfers who have tight back muscles and joints, one of the ways to attempt to generate more turn in the backswing is to place more stress on the knee. This often leads to injuries to the medial (inside) meniscus. There are also many golfers with tight hip muscles, which changes the joint alignment at the knee. This again places more stress on the knee, making it more susceptible to injury. Another possible cause or contributor to knee pain is poor fitting or poor supporting shoes. Golf shoes that do not provide enough arch support can lead to a pronated foot position (flattened arch), which places the knee in a rotated position. Over the course of walking 18 holes, or up and down hills and through sand traps, this foot and knee position can lead to a significant amount of knee pain (Source: 1). Under construction, more to follow soon.

Dr Lanny's Scientific Study of Golfer's Knee Stresses

Dr. Lanny is Lanny L. Johnson, M.D., a world recognized orthopedic surgeon for his contributions in arthroscopic surgery. He practiced orthopedics in East Lansing, Michigan, USA for many years. Dr Lanny is a pioneer and an iconic figure of arthroscopic knee surgery. He is an author of beautifully illustrated textbook on arthroscopic surgery (Arthroscopic Surgery, Mosby, 1986) which was our Arthroscopic Bible for many years, and which we still enjoy reading from time to time... Under construction, more to follow soon.

Lanny Johnson Arthroscopic Surgery

Dr Lanny's Insoles

If you need further information how to order specific Dr Lanny's Golf Insoles from the UK please email and we will try to help... Under construction, more to follow soon.

Further information

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